Quick Start Rules—Digital


Dead Isn’t Dead. Not Anymore.

Now, demonic spirits possess fresh corpses to walk again. They rise faster, stronger, and smarter than in life. Their bloodlust is insatiable. The WitchBorn® are ravenous invaders, overrunning Perdition. And you number among the few bands of roaming survivors—maybe all that’s left of your kind.


  • Learn the campaign-based minis game with unique and ever-changing tales
  • Get updates for Dwarf, Elf, Guild, Norn, Orc, or Paladin war clans PLUS try Dark Elves and Wanderers!
  • The free web app works on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC


Enter Perdition include a printed Quick Start guide, the full rules, tons of Reaper® Bones minis, a gorgous 46" x 39" battlemap, dice, templates, and a whole lot more.

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