Curse of the Wanderers


More adrenalin than a kick to the naughty bits!

There are a lot of misconceptions about Wanderers. Yes they’re short. About the perfect height to lay a crushing elbow into an Orc’s privates. Wanderers have big flippers for feet. Enormous really, with a big twisted mat of hair on top. They were cursed ages ago over a little property dispute. Her Curse is real. Bad stuff happens all the time. (Warped people find this funny for some reason).


  • MASSIVE UPDATE! The Wanderers are the first, Third Edition release with a 40-page rules update!
  • Get Wanderers roster and templates too!
  • Build the strangest war clan of Gluttons ever
  • Earn the oddest skills from Ape to Wild Strike
  • Add Glimmers, Shadow Walking Faerie dogs
  • And meet the Big Guy, a Fomorian Half-Giant so abused in captivity, they value Wanderers as friends
  • Find out why your Wanderer has an uncontrollable urge to Snatch everything (and why everyone hates them!)