Adventures | Wandering Forest


You’re almost resigned to eat grass and leaves and bugs

There’s nothing to eat. Anywhere. Your best chance at survival is the Wandering Forest where trees are known to walk! Worse, a bitter Will ’o Wisp hunts intruders in her wood.

Get the PDF guide to the totally reimagined Wandering Forest. This PDF guide is licened to share among up to 6 players.

This sinister update replaces Dragon Moon and uses the same battlemap. Uncover new encounters, find new treasures, and face new terrors!


New rules allow for 1-6 players and sets-up very exciting team games—even with a odd number of players.


No foray into Faelwyn’s realm is ever the same. Get stats for every odd character you meet, from a titan who communes with birds to Halflings turned cannibals. Try the all-new app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.