Enter Perdition is here!

Play Where Miniatures Meet Roleplaying

The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition is the immersive campaign based miniature skirmish game for 2–6 players. Each player creates a war clan of adventurers to explore the dangerous world of Perdition. Portray your warriors with detailed Reaper® Bones miniatures. Play campaign-style, where your warriors continually develop, find treasures, and level up between games—if they survive The WitchBorn of course.

Enjoy Ever-Changing Tales

Instead of just a skirmish with friends every time, The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition is different. Recover lost cargo in the WitchBorn infested plains, survive the bitter Will-o-Wisp of the Wandering Forest, or enter the derelict cathedral turned tavern, known as “The Pit.”

Your warriors’ discoveries, wounds, and horrible fumbles are handled by apps for Android and iOS which tell a unique story every time you play. There’s no need for anyone to sit out or be a Game Master.

See why reviewer Robert Oren picked Enter Perdition as a Top 10 game for 2017.